Fetching hope

Bzees is passionate about our favorite rescue dog and Chief Canine Officer, Oliver. We love him so much, we created Bzees Fetching Hope in his honor. Through this effort we will partner with animal rescue and advocacy groups to raise awareness and funds to improve, protect and comfort dogs in need – one step at a time.

Current Partnership. Bzees + I'm not a Monster


Bzees is partnering with I'm not a Monster™ for their Monster Holiday Drive. Choose your favorite "Monster" Elf and use the unique promo code listed below each "mutt shot" when you check out and Bzees will donate $5 per item to the "Monster's" designated charity.

The money raised will be used to purchase pet toys, blankets, sheets and treats, and will help give every pet waiting at a shelter a special holiday gift and a more comfortable stay until they find their forever homes!

Meet and support the monster elves

litter "Monsters"

who are fighting against backyard breeders and puppy mills.

code: elfstinky

Undesirable "Monsters"

who are advocating for pit bulls and the undesirable black dog.

code: elfpenny

Rescued "Monsters"

who are changing hearts and minds through therapy work and responsible ownership.

code: elfrocky

Therapy "Monsters"

who are bringing cheer and changing perceptions through therapy work.

code: elfkandie

Shelter "Monsters"

who are advocating for adopter education and overlooked black dogs.

code: elfbuddy

Rescued "Monsters"

who are given a second chance and changing minds as Service Dogs and Ambassadogs.

code: elfsadie

Or enter promo code: MONSTER at checkout and Bzees will donate $5 to the Monster Holiday Drive to help more than 150 shelters and rescues.

Learn more about each dog and read their story at Monster Holiday Drive.

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