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Welcome to Cloud Nine

The anatomy of our comfort.  All Bzees shoes feature magical, outta-this-world Cloud Technology designed to make you feel weightless, energized, and free.

The magic in every Bzees shoe

All Bzees shoes are machine washable

All Bzees shoes have air-infused outsoles

All Bzees shoes have dynamic stretch uppers

All Bzees shoes have free-foam footbeds

Bzees shoes are machine washable.

Spin-Spin throw 'em in! (the washing machine). Bzees shoes are machine washable.

Air-infused outsoles. Float away! Bzees are always ultra-lightweight, soft and bouncy.

Image of a girl blowing a balloon to depict air infused outsoles

Dynamic stretch uppers. Stretch the limits! Dynamic stretch fabrics and super-soft knits that move & groove with you.

An image depicting stretch relating to a Bzees shoes uppers.

Free foam footbeds. Bounce bounce! These crazy-cushy anatomical insoles are blow-your-mind-comfy.

An image of a stack of free foam footbeds

Extra Extra! Select Bzees shoes also feature these crazy-comfy  technologies.

icon of comfort cone gel

icon of crazy comfy collar

icon of socush arch support

icon of superpuff

Comfort cone gel. Get less shock and more "ahhh" with a gel-infused heel that provides shock absorption.  Shop comfort cone gel.

*featured in select styles

Crazy comfy collar. Unleash comfort with a magical, ultra-comfy & stretchy ankle collar.  Shop crazy comfy collar.

Socush arch support. Follow the rainbow to comfy & cushy memory foam arch pillows that give your arches the love they deserve. Shop socush arch support

*featured in select styles

Superpuff. Help your foot stay put in a dreamy, cloud-like cushion that surrounds your ankle for a secure fit. Shop superpuff

Select Bzees shoes also have added squeaky clean benefits.