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All of our styles feature

Bzees Cloud Technology

Filled with magical unicorn down, Bzees Cloud Technology is designed to feel, well, like a cloud… weightless, energized and free.*

*Bzees makes no claim to fully understand or know the deep, complex feelings of clouds. But, as friends to clouds, unicorns and many, many four-legged friends alike, we can stand by these attributes comfortably.

Air Infused

Air Infused

Bzees shoes are made with molded, low density, EVA soles that have micro-cellular air bubbles trapped within that enables them to be lightweight, extremely soft and bouncy resulting in excellent flexibility and cushioning.



Every Bzees shoe is designed with a dynamic fitting stretch upper material that enables your foot to move freely and naturally but have the necessary support.

This lightweight, unrestrictive material provides an amazing comfort and fit experience. It also provides for expansion in key areas where you need it the most.



Free Foam is a specially blended micro-cellular polymer foam that delivers high resiliency (bounce back), and doesn't compact. It creates a low pressure walking experience that's like walking on a cloud.

In Bzees speak, they are squishy and shape to your foot while wearing. An additional viscoelastic memory foam arch support provides a compressive customized fit to accommodate a wide range of arch heights.

Machine Washable

Machine Washable

Every Bzees shoe has been designed using wash-friendly materials that allow them to be machine washed in cold water and air dried without losing their shape and colors or comfort and fit. Each new product is rigorously tested.

All Bzees shoes also have these added squeaky clean benefits:


Long-lasting, Ag based Anti-Microbial

  • - Activates upon contact with bacteria
  • - Machine washable
  • - Won't irritate the skin

Odor control technology

  • - Eliminates and absorbs odors
  • - Machine washable
  • - Won't irritate the skin

Lots of Bzees shoes have that extra "ahhhhh factor"

comfort cone gel

It provides heel impact shock absorption to deliver cushioning in all the right places so you experience less shock and more ahhhhh.

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Choose your own adventure

Explore these adventure-ready collections, down for whatever!

Sea Dogs by bzees

Water-friendly styles that can be worn in or near water

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Rubber sole

provides traction on wet and dry surfaces and contains plastic, rust-proof mesh hole covers to prevent debris form entering drainage holes

unique drainage system

in the midsole that allows water to drain out of holes in the bottom of the shoes

Chlorine resistant

keeps colors bright. This special treatment is applied to materials to protect from fading due to chlorine

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biokicks by bzees

Walking shoes with the benefits of Cloud Technology and ergonomic features

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Ergonomic Shape:

Heel cup

Anatomical arch support

Contoured forefoot

Heel radius

Tri-level Sole

MID: Stability plate for support and motion control

TOP: Maximum cushioning at key pressure points

BOTTOM: High density layer for support. Tripod Balance Pods for durable traction

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Our waterproof membrane keeps feet dry, happy and ready for any wet-weather adventure

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Completely waterproof


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