All Bzees shoes feature outta-this-world Cloud Technology designed to make you feel weightless, energized, and free.

dynamic stretch uppers
freefoam footbeds

These crazy-cushy anatomical insoles are blow-your-mind-comfy.

Dynamic stretch fabrics and super-soft knits that move & groove with you.

Bzees are always ultra-lightweight, soft, and bouncy.

Spin, spin, throw’em in! Dance in the rain. Go sockless. Jump in the puddles ... then throw them in the wash and repeat. 

Select Bzees shoes also feature these crazy-comfy technologies.

shoes with comfort cone gel technology

Get less shock and more "ahhh" with a gel-infused heel that provides shock absorption.

Shop Comfort Cone Gel

shoes with crazy comfy collars

Feel outta-this-world comfort in a magically soft & stretchy ankle collar.

Shop Crazy Comfy Collar

shoes with socush arch support

Follow the rainbow to comfy & cushy memory foam arch support that gives your arches the love they deserve.

Shop SoCush Arch Support

Long-lasting, Ag based Anti-Microbial

-Activates upon contact with bacteria

-Machine washable

-Won't irritate skin

Odor control technology

-Eliminates and absorbs odor. No socks required!

-Machine washable

-Won't irritate skin